Practo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

A 2-month summer internship during my undergraduate degree in which I learned to reimagine workflows, boost user engagement & enrich user experience.

Practo is a consumer-facing health-tech company funded by
Google, Sequoia, Tencent & others.

Problem Statement

The problem statement given to me was to re-think the mobile application’s homepage. My brief was to propose features and the related UI, to make the application more engaging and to make the user use the application more often. At the time of my internship, the only major features of the app were to Book Doctor Appointments/Diagnostic Tests, Order Medicines & Chat with a Doctor. Since these features would not be used on a daily basis, the app downloads had stagnated after reaching a point. The following was what I put forth as what the new homepage should be.


Since Practo was a Health app, I proposed multiple additional features which would have a higher frequency of use. I added a reminder system for all things related to health in an effort to make Practo the one-stop-solution for all things health.

Below is the design process.


Research Methods Used

User Data Analysis

User Interviews & Observations

User Data Takeaways

Inadequate Use Case 

Service provided few and premium features.

Less than optimum installs

Users access service via Google.

Low brand visibility

People did not recognize 'Practo' as ther service provider.

Interview Quotes

I don't keep Practo installed on my phone since I need to search for doctors only like once or twice in a year.

Engineering Student, 19

I keep Practo installed on my phone since it feels good to know that you have your complete medical history with you at all times.

Business Owner, 54

User Personas


Primary Insight from Research

The app was not engaging enough

The service had very few features. In addition, each of these
features were rarely required by users.

This insight helped me form my Design Principle -


"Practo, the one-stop-shop for everything health."

Practo's New Identity

Feature Generation.




Card Design Process.
Referral System app Workflow.
Practo app Homepage.
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